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ReleaseDecember 6thRatingPGGenreDrama / SciFi/Fantasy Runtime1:37DirectorRichard FleischerCastCharlton Heston,
Leigh Taylor-Young


New York. 2022 A.D. Teeming with jobless, homeless people. Teetering on the edge of anarchy, the government rations synthetic food. Those who control the supply have unlimited wealth and power--as long as no one discovers the awful truth behind the source of Soylent Green.

Academy Award-winner Charlton Heston (Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments) stars as Thorn, possibly the last honest detective on the undermanned police force, who investigates the brutal murder of a prominent member of the Soylent Company, manufacturers of the artificial nourishment. During the course of his probe, Thorn discovers the horrifying main ingredient of the mass-produced food. Caught between personal integrity, the quest for justice and knowledge that could lead to the death of millions, will Thorn expose the deadly secret?

Part of the Reel Science Series with an introduction and Q&A hosted by Renee Boronka, Associate Director of the Natural Areas Division from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.


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