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ReleaseMay 23rdRatingNRGenreAction/Adventure / SciFi/Fantasy Runtime0:55


After their 2017 debut in Cleveland through the SPACES Vault program, we are thrilled to invite Soda_Jerk back—in partnership with The Capitol Theater—to screen their latest film, TERROR NULLIUS.

A political revenge fable, TERROR NULLIUS offers an un-writing of Australian national mythology. The epic remix works entirely within and against the official archive, in order to achieve a queering and othering of Australian cinema. Part political satire, eco-horror and road movie, TERROR NULLIUS is a world in which idyllic beaches host race riots and the perils of hyper-masculinity are overshadowed only by the enduring horror of Australia's colonizing myth of "nobody's land". In many ways, it is a tale that parallels the colonization of the Americas.

The controversial film made waves in Australia and lost promotional support from the philanthropic trust that awarded Soda_Jerk a major grant to produce the film, due to its "un-Australian" nature.

The artists will participate in an audience Q&A at the end of the screening.


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