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Valley of the Dolls

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ReleaseNovember 29thRatingPG-13Advisoryfor thematic elements involving substance abuse, some sexual content, partial nudity and language GenreDrama Runtime2:03DirectorMark RobsonCastBarbara Parkins, Patty Duke, Paul Burke, Sharon Tate, Tony Scotti, Martin Milner, Charles Drake, Alexander Davion, Lee Grant, Naomi Stevens


Based on the best selling novel, this campy classic from 1967 about three women whose friendships are tested as they deal with the traps of being famous.


Children 5 & under are NOT permitted into child restricted movies (R and some PG13 rated features).
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Part of the Happy Hour Classics Series. Admission includes complimentary mini cocktail and appetizers at our Happy Hour mixer starting at 6:00 PM.